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My sculptures are expressions of the heart - messages from within. Spirit speaks through the abstract forms directly to the Soul of the viewer. It is my vision that these Sacred Bronze Sculptures touch, heal and inspire peoples hearts.

I feel the essence of life when my heart is open and everything flows with ease. When I am in this state of grace, inspiration flows through me. Truly, from the open heart space, all life is a celebration.

In my vision of the world, I see divinity in the sacred merging of the feminine and masculine. I am committed to bring light, beauty and healing to sexuality, accomplished through blending the Sacred with the Erotic. Using a combination of flowing sensual curves, each work of art has an Angel integrated into the sculpture.

Over the past few years, my vision has expanded to include healing specific ailments with the use of plant medicine. Cancer patients have responded quite well to tinctures and oils made from organic medicinal cannabis. Applying the same spiritual and energetic principles, Synergy Wellness is able to reach a broader audience and has had some great success.

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