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Leonardo Leinow enjoys working directly with clients creating personal individual sculptures. Together, they have co-createed a special one-of-a-kind design, using Interviews and photographs to capture the essence of the client and their ideas. Many Sculptures have an Angel Spirit, Deva or healing energy that is integrated and embodied inside. Using Shamanic and Feng Shui practices, the sculptures are empowered with special mantras and prayers.

Leonardo has created one of a kind fixtures in bronze. These have been set into the home interior decoration. In addition, bronze sculptures, such as the "Red Tail Hawk", have been installed as external sculptures. The example shown here is a 15" bronze sculpture inset into a set of doors that reside over a fireplace, covering a wide screen TV. Because these doors slide into the wall to disappear, it was designed as a fairly flat low-relief sculpture.

For couples, a bronze sculpture can be co-created especially for you. It will carry your love, energy and intentions, blessing your sacred relationship. Leonardo's sculptures have helped heal relationships and have been known to revitalize passion and romance. They make unique extraordinary birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts.

Have a sacred bronze sculpture made of your lover's Yoni or Lingum. A one-of-a-kind sacred erotic bronze sculpture can be made from a photograph either supplied by the client or taken by the artist.

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