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Birth of the Idea

It takes between 2-4 months for a new sculpture to be birthed. I can feel it incubating inside for some time before it is ready to hatch into form. There is a non-verbal dialog with Spirit preparing the groundwork and a calling of the essence of life. Inspired from various Deva and Angelic beings, the formless becomes in-formation, stepping through the energy flow into created form.

The Clay Sculpture

When the time is right, the sculptures start taking form in clay. Tuning into Spirit, I can feel the energy flowing from my Heart thru my hands and into the sculpture. Water based clay is the most responsive media to this energy flow. In addition, any prayers and intentions that are specific to this sculpture are invoked throughout the creative process, a practice learned from the Huichol Indians making "Prayer Arrows".

After the clay sculpture, a silicon rubber negative mold of this form is made. In addition, a plaster "Mother Mold" is made over the silicon rubber. This gives the silicone support to hold the proper shape.

A positive wax copy of the original sculpture is then created from the silicon mold. Often, at this stage, there are significant additions or changes to the original sculpture. The Wax sculpture then has wax plumbing added that will allow the bronze to flow freely when it is poured.

The wax sculpture is dipped in a liquid ceramic slurry and dried. After several more coats of ceramic, a shell forms around the wax sculpture. The sculpture is then placed in a kiln, firing the ceramic to a hard form. At the same time, the wax is melted out, leaving a negative mold of the sculpture. The "Lost Wax" process has been used for thousands of years.

Hot liquid bronze at 2000 degrees is then poured into the ceramic shell. After cooling, the shell is removed with a hammer and sand blasting. The plumbing is removed and the sculpture is "chased" and polished to a 360 grit surface.

A "Patina" is then added to the surface of the bronze sculpture. The patination process takes place by heating the bronze and adding a various minerals (primarily ferric nitrate) that bond with the bronze, changing the color, texture and tone of the sculpture. Wax is then added to seal the patina from further oxidation.

Each sculpture carries a specific healing energy with it. When the sculpture is complete, Leonard and his wife, Terumi, a Feng Shui master, perform a Feng Shui empowerment ritual calling in the appropriate angel, deva or spirit to reside inside the sculpture. Specific Mantras, Mudras and Visualizations are used making the sculpture alive with Spirit.