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Leonardo is an Inspired Visionary who has created sacred sculptures for over 25 years. His art comes from a combination of his life experience and his communication with Spirit. He lived over five years in India as a sadhu studying the spiritual and cultural aspects of this ancient civilization. He also traveled to 30 other countries. His spiritual studies include 30 years in the Shamanic, Tantric, Healing and Martial (Aikido) arts.

He has a Bachelors degree in Engineering with a minor in Art from UCLA. Although he is a self taught artist, in 1975 he studied ceramics with David Davison, a master ceramic artist in Boston. Assessing Leonard’s kinesthetic ability, David blindfolded Leonard and had him learn from "feeling" rather than "seeing".

Leonard then moved to the Oregon countryside for 5 years where he continued as a ceramic artist. He then went on to study and practice healing Bodywork thru the Lomi School in California. His intimate knowledge of the human figure started to appear in his artwork. In 1992, Leonard developed a passion for the Bronze process while studying at the College of Marin.

Leonard (or Leonardo as his friends call him) currently lives in Woodacre, CA, where the beauty of his natural surroundings provides inspiration. To Leonardo, creating sacred sculptures is an expression of his spiritual practice, sourced in a deep reverence for life. Working with his hands and his heart, he stays focused in the present moment, expressing an endless source of love, gratitude and joy.

Leonardo has shown in Fine Art galleries, including the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea, New York, NY.

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